Giftpesa: The Ultimate Gifting Platform in Africa

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Digital services are increasingly bridging the gap in service delivery and acquisition today. In the future, the world will be even more digitized. The Covid-19 pandemic has only hastened the advent of digital service delivery. What with the lockdowns, limitation of movement, and social interactions, we are left with no option but to use technology to bridge this gap.

The outcome, however, has been that digital tools have simply unlocked new and better ways of doing things. Even activities like exchanging gifts have all gone online, all making life easier and better. Online gifting platforms in Africa have come to complement physical stores in some cases, and fill a market gap in other instances.

The features of a good e-voucher platform

Digital solutions open a host of possibilities we didn’t know existed before, and gift-giving is no different. With e-vouchers, gifting has become easier, convenient, and more satisfying. The ultimate gifting platform in Africa will be expected to conform to a very high set of standards.

I. Ease of purchase

The quality of an e-voucher starts, first and foremost, with its ease of buying and redemption. A few clicks is all it takes to send a Giftpesa e-voucher. Redeemable in a host of outlets in the city, there will always be an outlet within a few minutes driving distance.

II. A wide selection

A good e-voucher platform needs to leave you the option to buy for one or buy for many. Bulk buying is a practice where you send electronic gifts to many people at once – perfect for holiday seasons and office gifting. This is what Giftpesa offer you – the chance to send gifts your way, and the freedom to redeem them the way the receiver chooses to.

III. More satisfaction

With e-vouchers, the lack of physical gifts forces you to go the extra mile to make your gift enjoyable. A simple message to go along with your Giftpesa e-voucher is assured to leave you in the receiver’s mind. And, after all, that is the whole point of corporate gift-giving.

With both individualized and corporate products, Giftpesa ticks off all the boxes for the perfect platform to buy e-vouchers. It is the ultimate gifting platform in Africa, offering you flexibility and convenience in all your gifting activities.

The convenience of e-vouchers

A good gifting platform is one that gives you the best value for your buck. Giftpesa does this by making it easy to exchange gifts for all types of occasions. The ultimate convenience of an online gifting platform is that it’s the receiver of the gift who selects what to buy, whatever the occasion.

Wedding gifts

Weddings gifts require flexibility and attention. Recognizing that the couple will probably receive many of the same gifts from friends and relatives, gift certificates allow you to gift without potentially burdening the newlyweds with stuff they won’t need afterwards.

Another thing that makes Giftpesa the ultimate gifting platform in Africa is the “select redemption partners” option.  Here, you have the freedom to limit your e-voucher to a few stores, for example, boutiques, furniture shopping, or restaurants, based on the type of gift you want to give. This way, your gift is assured to brighten the day of the lucky couple.

Birthdays and personal days

The ultimate e-voucher platform is one that permits you to accompany your gift with a personal message. This is what makes the gift special. Even if the receiver of the e-voucher will not use it up immediately, that message remains a valid reminder of your good wishes.

Giftpesa allows message accompaniments on any of their gift categories. So, whether you are buying a gift for Ramadan, Christmas, or a birthday boy/girl, Giftpesa got you covered. All you have to do is log on to the platform and scroll through an endless list of options and offerings.

Corporate gifts

Like any other types of gifting, corporate gifting requires painstaking care to get it right. Remember, even lack of communication is communication, so the selection for a gift has got to be just as good as the accompanying message.

When it comes to corporate gift-giving, Giftpesa is the best e-voucher gifting platform in Africa. The service is already trusted by more than 1,500 companies, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), and Government Agencies. This has given us important insights on the way forward, especially continued innovation to serve the market better.

The commitment of Giftpesa to enhancing gift-giving is further attested by the continued enhancement of options on the platform. New and exciting options are always being added to the mix, to make it simpler for you to make someone’s day, week, or months, with a gift they don’t have to spend immediately.

The only thing that is growing faster than Africa in the 21st century is technology. The adoption of the same is also increasing, in all areas of life, from education to shopping, and even requesting for government services.

Gift-giving is an old custom of Africa, tracing back to the batter trade days of old. Today, you just need a smartphone and the gift money, because Giftpesa got you covered.