“I Just Want Books, in Whatever Form. Just Give Me Books.” - Editor’s Weekly ‘Run-It-Back’ to Content From the Archives

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In this article, as we celebrate World Book Day (which was on the 23rd of April), we let the sounds of inspiring stories of writers and readers previously published on Qazini (content you may have forgotten about) echo and reverberate in your mind with renewed power to inspire you, challenge you, and empower you to be your absolute best. The theme this year focuses on indigenous languages and the power that writing in these dialects has unleashed to reach a wider scope of readers. 

Happy World Book Day!

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What power does a book hold?

As a young girl, Muthoni Garland was an avid reader, especially since reading exempted on from house chores in their household. During her career journey, circumstances led her to the company of writers with whom she published a couple of books. The process of publishing and personally selling her books to customers at supermarkets brought her into the world of publishing books for school children as she learnt about the power of books. Read more about her journey and experience as one of the founding members of Storymoja Africa.

“I just want books, in whatever form. Just give me books.”

What forms of books do you enjoy reading more, e-books or paperbacks? What makes you choose one form over the other? Caught in a Twitter debate of e-books vs paperbacks, Ken Okumu sought to find out the reasons behind each preference by interviewing some avid readers. Find out what they said about both versions and the reasons for preferring one over the other

The wind blew me into it!

That is what Joan Mero says about the genesis of her love of books, the wind blew her into a bookshop. Having lived a life where reading for leisure made her feel guilty about not being productive, Joan now strongly advocates for it. She swears by all the great things she has learnt by being an avid reader. Read more about how she has become the wind, blowing more people into the world of books.

Is reading fiction good for you?

What do you prefer, fiction or nonfiction? We all know that fiction entertains us, and gives us an escape from our realities.  But what other benefits are there of reading fictional works? Lesalon Kasaine expounds more on the benefits of reading fiction to help you answer the question, is reading fiction advisable?

In support of African writers…

Which African authors do you know of? And where do you go if you want to get their books? That is the gap that Gabriel Dinda and Writer's Guild Kenya sought to fill when they established the all-African bookshop. Read more about Gabriel's passion for serving and creating opportunities that support African authors through the Writer's Guild Kenya.


These are just some of the stories. You can use the search engine on our website and type "book" for many more stories. 

Have you heard that everybody else is advancing and getting better? Don’t be left out. Even vampires evolved; the things and people that hurt us the most no longer suck blood, they suck attention. May your attention be attentive to stuff that’s lifting you. See you again next Tuesday when we run it back to more inspirational stories!