Is It Really Inclusivity or Are We Just Putting on a Show? – Editors’ Weekly ‘Run-It-Back’ to Content From the Archives

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In this article, we let the sounds of inspiring content previously published on Qazini (content you may have forgotten about) echo and reverberate in your mind with renewed power to inspire you, challenge you, and empower you to be your absolute best.

Let’s go!

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Follow your passion, or should you?

When a student asked Henry Onyango what led him to software engineering, the first answer that came to mind was passion. As we grew up, we’ve all been told to follow our passion especially, when selecting our career path. But do we really know what we are passionate about or does passion develop along the way? Read more as Henry expounds on why following your passion might be the wrong advice.

Is it really inclusivity or are we just putting on a show? 

Imagine spending years of your life learning and becoming an expert in your field. And with all your expertise, you are invited to a panel that you qualify for but only to allude to gender balance. Imagine being a ‘diversity hire’, with the subtle reminder that you would not be here were it not for… Imagine being unable to access a public facility because the wheelchair access ramp is too steep. How would that feel? Verah Omwocha talks about why pretending to have gender representation or be inclusive of people living with disabilities does more harm than good.

Use me or I’ve got no use!

The different generations have stereotypes attached to them, especially in their work ethic. Millennials, for example, have a reputation for being 'slackers' or workers who are in it for a quick payday. Tim Mworia, a millennial, dispels this myth by addressing the relevance of workplace engagement. 

The Jack of many trades…

From acting, directing, producing, being a YouTuber, a comedian, a scriptwriter, content creator and a co-owner of Phil It Productions, Abel Mutua has and still is leaving his mark in the African entertainment arena. Enjoy reading more about how he has mastered the art of storytelling here.

True or false? Let us find out

Do women seek, for marriage, men similar to their fathers? Or do they note the similarities after marriage? Who points out that one has married a man who is like their father? What do they consider in making this judgment? Curious about the truth behind this claim, Dorine Kanaiza talked to different women. Their responses? Read more to find out.


Have you heard that everybody else is advancing and getting better? Don’t be left out. Even vampires evolved; the things and people that hurt us the most no longer suck blood, they suck attention. May your attention be attentive to stuff that’s lifting you up. See you again next Tuesday when we run it back to more inspirational stories!