Awakening is Real – However Much You Want to Believe it

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Article by: Peter Gatuna

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The time turns to 20:20 as I start re-watching a YouTube video that I have watched hundreds of times now. I downloaded it to my phone earlier today specifically because it is titled: Sadhguru on Seeing Repeated Numbers. I have been seeing repeating numbers for nearly a year now. I didn’t think much of it until I saw the video.

When I watched it on my way home, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the question had initially been asked by a popular black celebrity. A very popular one at that – Keri Hilson, and I daresay she looks quite distressed.

Repeating numbers

You see, Keri is concerned because she has been seeing repeating numbers. And she is not alone. She mentions a ‘growing community of people’ back in America who have been growing more aware about numbers, signs of nature, and ‘visitations’. I don’t know what she means by visitations. The first two, however, I am quite familiar with.

So I am rather disappointed when, for the next four minutes, The Sadhguru launches into a monologue about numbers (did you know that India invented the (0) zero?). Methodically, he demolishes all suggestions of an awakening. It happens more in nature than in humans, and so on and so forth.

I cannot stop myself from comparing it with the dynamic that Morgana and Gaius had in the series Merlin. Morgana, sure she must be doing magic in her sleep – she was. And Gaius, determined to blot it all out, convincing her that she is imagining things. Magic is not real, my child, now have some more liquid luck (isn’t that what it was?).

But why? Why do adults find it so hard to say “yes, but” and instead run straight to “no”? In this case, even when the latter is so obviously dead wrong?

An alternative explanation

The past year has been a time of great introspection and self-searching for many. Stripped of our busy schedules, we have been forced to notice more about our immediate environment. So that constant time-checking and “oh my god, it’s only 8:08? Felt like it might have been 10 already!” could be a simple enough explanation.

But it is even more likely that what you are seeing are the signs of your subconscious mind unfurling from sleep. When you start noticing the influences that are over your life, many things happen. After all, the unconscious mind is 6,000 times stronger than the conscious mind.  As soon as the former comes alive, the latter must take note.

It's an awakening alright

Moreover,  as Keri struggles to say in the introduction, it is about more than just seeing repeating numbers. See, the truth is, many other people see these numbers. It’s just that, as The Sadhguru advices, they choose to ignore or dismiss them as mere coincidences. Personally, I didn’t assign any meaning to the phenomenon until after watching the video.

What I have been conscious of, for the entire time I’ve been noticing these repeating numbers, is a spiritual transformation taking place inside. A simple online search turns up millions of results, all of which are in the affirmative.

The world is highly interconnected

There is no doubt about just how connected the universe is, especially in the spiritual sphere. For example, I find it very interesting that the song Jerusalema itaya lami (Jerusalem is my home) trended globally last, only for the conflict over Jerusalem (and other parts) to boil over hardly 5 months into the New Year. Causality aside here, it is ample evidence that this universe is a mysterious place.

The day after watching this video, I happened across a very interesting idea. Basically, Mt. Kenya is the Biblical Mountain of Zion, and come December 20-28, there will be a global pilgrimage to the site. Hundreds of people from all around the world have already signed up.

As a side note, I have been trying to find the ancient history of Mt. Kenya for months now. It wasn’t until I came by the old name for the snow-capped mountain at the Equator – Ta Neteru that I uncovered its ancient Egyptian history, but that is a story for another day.

The Ambassador of Mount Kenya

Leading this pilgrimage to Kenya is an African American man who has been christened The Ambassador of Mount Kenya – Prince Michael Jackson. Now, what are the chances that a black American would be leading a movement like this? Which, by the looks of it, touches the very soul of the Agikuyu?

I don’t want to say that this is what Keri’s question was about, but it would be the first place I’d look.  When it comes to spiritual awakenings and such matters, it is often about roots. Or rather, that’s where it starts. Notice carefully how The Sadhguru resorted to answering this question by talking about his own backyard.

It’s about roots

Does he fail to make the association with the ongoing African Renaissance because he is not a part of it? I can only make assumptions here. But he does seem to be the only one not to recognize repeating numbers as the signs of a spiritual awakening. Even Keri Hilson herself suspects that’s what is going on. I can only pray that The Sadhguru’s response did not dissuade her.

In fact, I will go as far as calling some of her words prophetic. “It’s a magical time. And following this is, is also… great harvest. Great … manifestations, of of dreams, desires…uhmm, opportunities…” I believe 100% that this is a special time to be alive. It’s not just Africa that’s rising, but the whole world.

Repeating numbers (synchronicity) may not be enough to point to spiritual awakening by itself, but seeing the same in nature and in other people is definitely a factor. The hardest part, however, is finding the courage to believe in spite of all the doubts.