Do You Really Understand What It Takes to Be Your Own Boss? – Editor’s Weekly ‘Run-It-Back’ to Content From the Archives

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In this article, we let the sounds of inspiring content previously published on Qazini (content you may have forgotten about) echo and reverberate in your mind with renewed power to inspire you, challenge you, and empower you to be your absolute best.

Let’s go!

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Sleep is not a luxury, it's a requirement!

How many hours of sleep do you get every night? Do you have a regular sleep schedule? Or are you among the 30% of adults suffering from insomnia? Insomnia affects your health, work and relationships with effects such as low energy and bad moods. Brett Armstron offers essential tactics to help you conquer insomnia. Read to find out how you can achieve the dream of sleeping for 7 to 9 hours at night.

What brings you joy?

What does your heart beat for? What sets your soul on fire? Are you motivated by money or do you yearn for joy and peace of mind? These are some of the questions that Eunniah Mbabazi had to ask herself when she decided to cross from engineering to business news and creative writing. While it was not a decision made overnight, it all boiled down to that force behind the beat of her heart. Read about her cruise in the search of purpose and meaning.

Do you really understand what it takes to be your own boss?

Many of the youth in Kenya have been led to think that entrepreneurship is much easier than being employed. But what exactly does entrepreneurship entail? Is there a difference between being an entrepreneur and being a person who owns a business? Do you understand that a business does not run merely on capital and intuition? And how can you be your own boss if you don't understand what being a boss entails? Kevin Doyle speaks on why we need to talk about the reality of starting and growing a successful business, to do better than just encourage 'hustlers'.

If one day I became the president of this country…

My priority would be maternal healthcare, says Dr. Purity Ngina. After her son's birth, she noticed gaps in maternal healthcare including challenges such as poorly equipped health facilities and low quality of care. While delivery fees in public health facilities were abolished, what more can be done to improve maternal healthcare? Read more to find out.

I wish you pain…

Imagine that you are in paradise. A paradise where everything you dream of, or that your mind conjures, you have.  How long do you think this paradise will appeal to you? How long before it becomes boring, and eventually, unbearable? How long before you seek ways to add some thrill, and more importantly, meaning to your life? Read more as Ron Barasa explains why pain and struggle are important in living a meaningful life. 


Have you heard that everybody else is advancing and getting better? Don’t be left out. Even vampires evolved; the things and people that hurt us the most no longer suck blood, they suck attention. May your attention be attentive to stuff that’s lifting you. See you again next Tuesday when we run it back to more inspirational stories!