Prospects Look at These 3 Things on Your Professional Profile

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Article by: Paul Thandi

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A profile is an analysis of your human journey, compiling the results you have had and how that makes you the ideal person for the opportunity. I remember listening in to a podcast and the guest was talking about hiring with the high levels of unemployment, to my shock one business opening attracted over 6,000 applications.

I don’t even want to imagine the backlog that the human resource departments had to deal with. In different scenario, while I was still in campus, the famous Qatar airlines opened doors to new recruitment and I happened to pass by the Barclays plaza where the interviews were taking place. The queue was longer than traffic in the area, and that is saying a lot.

From these two examples alone, you can see how much you need to work on getting your documents to grab attention. When your opportunity opens up, you need to have this 3 things in hand to present.

Humanize your copy

If you still use the high school format, don’t be shocked that you have never received a call for even the first phase of interviews. Get me right, I’m not stating that the format of presenting a CV should change but the flow and expression should. The documents we attach are often without life, it’s a copy-paste from the usual word documents. Humanizing means you build a conversational tone, meaning, how do you introduce yourself to new people? Tougher grammar and composition phrases won’t get you there.

Fill in the time Gaps

Amongst 6000 documents you can’t leave room for your prospects to guess or assume the time gaps. Everyone who will hire you needs to see the consistency of your skills and career. This is where your skill to humanize your story comes in.

You can only present what you know about yourself

Companies invest in the interviewing panels to help them get the right analysis about you. Self-doubt can be sniffed from miles away. People can easily tell if you are excited about yourself. Customize each application to suit your prospect. This delivers their expectations and makes it easier to get that callback.

We give different names to the conversations we have within ourselves. Names like inner-voice, the soul, self-talk and many titles. I choose to call it your inner coach. The reason for a coach is to show you that you can change that conversation to something better. If you are always at war with yourself you can’t hide this, even behind a piece of paper. The conclusion of the status you have with yourself is the person you present to others.

The analysis you had last year about yourself is definitely different from what you have now. Try to adjust your papers at least annually and always customize to your prospects.



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