What if You Wrote Your Own Eulogy? – Editors’ Weekly ‘Run-It-Back’ to Content From the Archives

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In this article, we let the sounds of inspiring content previously published on Qazini (content you may have forgotten about) echo and reverberate in your mind with renewed power to inspire you, challenge you, and empower you to be your absolute best.

Let’s go!

Write your own eulogy now!

Death. One word that wields the power to hush an entire room. Have you ever thought about death, this old nemesis that has vowed to visit everyone at some point in life? It’s creepy, right? But think about this—when your time comes, where will you be and what will you have achieved in life? Mourine Odongo starts us off with the story of an unexpected eulogy a wife gave at her husband’s burial. She then builds from there, knitting lingering wisdom on how our eulogy is written every day by the choices we make. What’s the story in the one you’re writing? Read more.

Are you still on track?

Ayodeji Awosika understands very well that most of us make new year resolutions, a map of sorts to guide us throughout the year as we work to achieve desired goals. With the month of January already fading away, it’s a great time to bring back this article where Ayo asks, Are you still on track?

Guilty until proven innocent…

Would you ever heal from the wounds inflicted upon your soul by the cruel hands of injustice, and if so, where do you begin? Ken Okumu tracked down Mariano, a man who was wrongly accused of rape and was convicted. Read Mariano’s story of a case within a case, what transpired, and what he is up to now that prison life is behind him.  

The fire of ridiculous questions meets a no-nonsense firefighter

What are you going to do with your life now that you don’t have children? Who will take care of you when you’re old? These are just some of the many irritating questions thrown at child-free women. Munira Hussein decides to take on these questions, dousing their flames. Read the dramatic answers that are sure to make your day.

What size do you wear? There’s your fit, locally made

Take a look at the shoes you’re wearing. Any idea in which country they were made? Now, imagine locally made shoes that are not only classy but also affordable. Got the picture and the pride? Well, you don’t have to imagine any more. Njeri and Daisy are gutsy entrepreneurs behind VaaKenya, a Kenyan shoe-making company. Eric Rugara had a chat with them and wrote their story packed with entrepreneurship lessons.


Have you heard that everybody else is advancing and getting better? Don’t be left out. Even vampires evolved; the things and people that hurt us the most no longer suck blood, they suck attention. May your attention be attentive to stuff that’s lifting you up. See you again next Tuesday when we run it back to more inspirational stories!